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I spent thirty years in the medical field being part of someone else's story--occasionally at the beginning, but more often as it came to a screeching, tragic, unheralded, prolonged, heartbreaking, or beautiful end. I kept coming across stories, untold and abandoned, each one a psalm to the humanity that we collectively share--and at times, lose. I spent decades bearing witness to the devastation created when basic human needs go unmet.

My career in medicine ended, but my drive to help those in need did not. As a certified grant writer, I now channel my extensive background and passion for writing to help those who work to make our world a better place. Together we can forge healthier, happier chapters in the lives of those we serve.

Michelle E Baker -
Founder & Lead Grant Writer

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Billions of dollars are awarded in grants every year, yet many nonprofits find themselves struggling to achieve their goals. We whittle the pool of potential grants to a list of ten that you have the best chances of winning. We scour funding requirements and tailor the application accordingly to tell your story in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd.
We will complete as many steps of the process as your organization deems appropriate. You can opt for a complete application submission once the funding strategy has been completed, no need to decide from the outset. We outline the actions taken every step of the way during your consultation and keep communication open during the entire process.
There isn't only one person behind Avion Grants. We belong to a collective of professional writers, editors, and designers dedicated to helping you through every phase. If you decide we aren't the best fit for your organization, we are more than happy to match you with a grant writer better suited to meet your needs.

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    We help nonprofits attain the funding necessary to create healthy and equitable communities. We employ proven methods of grant research and creation that match you to the appropriate funders and make your application stand out from the rest. We are backed by a collective of grant writers with countless years of experience and hundreds of millions of dollars in funding awards. We are dedicated to helping groups facilitate change in their communities.

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